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New video for troubleshooting the installation of the GEA LED

The correct installation of this luminaire will guarantee its life span. Find out how to install it correctly in our new video

GEA LED is a range of luminaires designed to illuminate different outdoor spaces, such as façades, columns, monuments and plants. The frames are made from AISI31 stainless steel to withstand marine atmospheres and can be installed in seafront locations.

Its unique design guarantees its life span, and the importance of protecting the electronic components has been taken into consideration by keeping the LED and driver isolated and sealed from the part containing the terminal strip. This dual protection further guarantees the life span of the product, and correct installation is therefore essential.

For this reason LEDS-C4 has produced a video in which we try to answer all potential questions that may arise during the installation process for this floor recess system and thereby avoid any possible issues.

The video is divided into two parts. The first, more technical part addresses most of the questions we get asked by installers. The second part shows the potential of this range of outdoor luminaires, in order to help you choose the best GEA LED to suit the needs of your lighting project.

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