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LEDS-C4 lights ASICS Montpellier

In collaboration with the project specifier, DRAGON ROUGE, LEDS-C4 designed the lighting for the ASICS store in Montpellier.

The excellent result was achieved by performing the appropriate lighting calculations and advising the client on all aspects of the project at all times.

The goal was to highlight the products in the store, as well as achieve comfortable ambient lighting that is also sustainable. To do so, LEDS-C4 proposed working entirely with LED fixtures to achieve powerful technical lighting of a high quality at a low cost.

More specifically, the proposal included use of ACTION projectors, MULTIDIR EVO downlights and high-power LED strips from the company’s TECHNICAL range.

The result is precise, quality lighting that lends importance to the store and its products while creating a comfortable and pleasing visual atmosphere.

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